Love hearing your tips. Joeys work is some of my most listened to music

Awesome Podcast

I've listened to almost all of the podcast episodes including those not yet posted on ITunes thanks to my subscription to Nail the Mix. It's safe to say this is the best podcast out there regardless of category. There is tons of information around recording, mixing, mastering, songwriting, producing and more. I get a good amount of laughs out of it to boot. Enjoy!

A must-sub for budding producers and engineers

Having started to run a small studio of my own earlie rthis year, I have found this podcast quite invaluavle. There are lots of YouTube channels out there devoted to audio, but not too many podcasts, and URM fits the bill very nicely.

One of the best Podcast for newer and established engineers,mixers,producers alike!

When I first joined Nail the Mix I was so thrilled I could get an even more insight on whats going on in the industry from these Podcasts. So much knowledge to soak up and I think everyone should invest in this!

Great podcast!

Love to shuffle through these while I work on things. Good way to listen to some great conversations, educate myself and get stuff done at the same time. Thanks for the the podcasts guys!


Can't even place a value on this stuff. It's a chance to learn from some of the best in the business. They don't have to share this kind of stuff but they do. That makes it all the more amazing.

The best audio engineering podcast

Absolutely love the content, definitely a constant learning experience.


Great podcast about recording, producing, mixing, etc. Shares really knowledge with people, not fluff info!

Great podcast!

This pod cast is great to listen to whether you want to learn or are just bored. It has some really good information that will help with your mixes.

Insight across the board

Incredibly valuable insight and advice on not just recording, but band dynamics and band life in general. These eps are teeming with stuff that should be taken straight to heart by everyone in your band or if your involved in recording in any way shape or form. Well done and valuable is an understatement.


A must have for up-and-coming and established engineers alike. There's always more to learn.

Great podcast.

Plenty of helpful information for the up and coming and/or professional producers and engineers.


These guys bring an amazing style to the table for all to learn! I love it!

Awesome Podcast Channel

High quality info by industries top guns!

You simply can't beat this podcast

If you wanna know trade secrets of some of the best heavy metal and rock engineers, this is def the podcast for you. You should also check out everything else these dudes are into. Nailthemix, Eyal Levi and Joey Sturgis' classes on creativelive. Get your fill of these dudes knowledge. It definitely improved all aspects of approach, setup, mixing, mastering etc. I can't recommend this enough!

Helpful and Informative

I find each podcast to be helpful and informative.

Supplement Your Education!

I'm lucky enough to go to a local college that has a fantastic recording program. Sadly my school doesn't have a crazy heavy focus on Metal and Heavy music, so I've turned to this podcast to really help solidify my personal prefence for mixes. I've binged on a great portion of the podcasts upon discovering them and really enjoy the interview style talkshow. The whole show is very inviting and a nice change of pace.


This is some great info, easy to understand and pretty great!

mixing gods

great podcast


The amount of information gained from listening to these incredible episodes is overwhelmingly awesome. Every episode changes how I work with audio whether it's a new micing technique, paying attention to something new in a mix, or just a more efficient way to organize files! You also get little anecdotes about popular bands that are just amusing.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

If you are not a subscriber yet, stop waisting time and DO IT NOW!

Best Audio Engineering Community Period!

I have been listening to the podcast for months now and the wealth of information these three season vets give is amazing, along with special guest who give industry insight just leaves the listener with a sense of control to take their productions to the next level, but also what advice they can apply towards their own business practices to achieve a successful professional career in the audio industry.

Car rides are much more enjoyable.

Yeah you got music and all but whats better than 3 of the best educate in a humorous entertaining way? I've never once enjoyed a podcast until I found URM. I'm a podcast listener because of URM. Amazing thing going on here.


This is hands down the best information about recording that has ever been offered. Those of you that are serious realize this subject has always been hidden information that the pro’s kept to themselves and never shared unless you were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Usually that meant you had to sweep floors for a studio before you were allowed to get in the drivers seat and actually learn. Well, I don’t have time to sweep floors, nor will I….I want to drive. I already had a career, but this information is priceless and taken me to another level and quickly. Quit messing with nonsense and misinformation on youtube like i did for so long bc these guys are offering what you looking for….the little things that will take you to another level. You would be doing yourself an injustice to not capitalize on this opportunity bc nothing like this has ever been offered before. No longer do you have to wonder what goes on behind the magical curtain. Thanks for this guys!

Valuable information!

I’ve been listening to these podcasts for the last 3-4 months, and the amount of information they pack into each show is just incredible! Thank you Joey, Joel, and Eyal!

Great info!

Wonderful set of professionals giving us aspiring producers very helpful information and insight on the recording, mixing, and mastering process of making quality records! I'm definitely getting better because of listening to these guys and also you definitely want to join Nail the Mix as well!

Great educational tool

Solid material from dedicated professionals


Good place to start if you're wanting to learn more about recording!

The best source of audio knowledge, period.

I've looked for many many years trying to find something that demystifies the art of audio production. The search is over. This podcast and all their other sources have taught me more in 4 months than 6 years of other subscriptions and research. They know how to break it down and make anything understandable. I tell everyone, and I'm telling you, to subscribe to this podcast & Nail the Mix if you are even a little interested in audio production. Go, NOW!

Incredibly Informative

Sturgis, Levi, and Wanasek bring a great knowledge base to this podcast with years of experience in audio production. In today’s fast-paced industry, you need to know what’s what, and these guys don’t cut corners. If you’re serious about a career in audio production, or just looking to improve your skills, this is an absolutely essential tool to add to your arsenal.