Exceptional quality - broad value

I checked out this podcast expecting some nerdy deep dives into audio production, and there is plenty of that. But what I didn’t expect and am currently floored by is the depth of these conversations - Eyal Levi is a brilliant interviewer with a deep knowledge of the industry as well as the completely artistic side of the business, and he brings out the absolute best from the star-studded lineup of guests. Listen now - there is no bad episode.

This podcast gives me hope!

Thank you so much Eyal for all your hard work!

Great Podcast

Amazing insight into the music industry, and what it takes to be a producer in the modern music scene.

Heady good

I produce record etc. this is got to be one of the most surprisingly recording work Psyche appreciable conversations I’ve heard in a while with John Congleton as well as with Eyal. Well done.

Simply The Best

I have learned more from this podcast than I have from some classes, what else can I say, the knowledge is second to none, I recomend it to everybody I can.

Invaluable Insight

Rarely have I encountered a podcast that is so informative but also entertaining. The URM podcast does a fantastic job of going beyond the monotony of questions that are asked of every producer in any given video or magazine interview. Anyone can listen to a producer or mix engineer's discography, but to be able to get a deeper view into their psyche is invaluable for those of us who are looking to learn the craft of producing and engineering. Any given episode of the URM podcast can provide insight into how some of the greatest minds in today's music business operate, whether that comes in the form of more technical information or via their mindset. A definite must for anyone looking to up their game in the audio world.

Amazing Resource to Learn About Your Favorite Audio Engineers

I’ve been a URM member for a year now and have also been listening to the podcast for just as long. While URM NTM sessions give you all the insight as to how these people create their great mixes the podcast fills in the gap of showing you more how they are in every day life. They share their backgrounds, experiences, and provide professional advice. It really makes you feel more connected to who your favorite mixers are and can often be inspiring to hear how they succeeded.

Professional level info for freeeeee

I don’t know where else you’re going to get to hear so many pros talk about how it’s done and how to succeed, let alone for free. This podcast is how I integrate audio into my life when I’m doing anything else. It’s a great way to stay fired up by constantly learning new things to try out and how to be successful by learning from others who did it first.

Essential Industry Knowledge!

The people on this podcast are the real deal, and hearing them in such a casual setting talking freely about their experiences is CRITICAL for understanding the mentality you need to succeed in this industry. Know the people you could potentially work with and how they think and interact, and you will hit the ground running if you decide to make a career in music. Otherwise, there’s lot of great insight for fans of music and the process of making it!

Must Listen for Producers

This podcast gives you a wealth of knowledge from top producers. I have learned something new from every episode I’ve listened to. If you are into audio this is the podcast for you. I was never really into podcasts then I listened to this and now I listen to a episode every time I have to drive somewhere.

The Best, No Questions!

Nothing could beat the amount of insightful, actionable advice packed into this podcast by real world professionals. The information is honest, proven to be successful, and the online FB community is chock-full of 100% positive engagement and support. If you aren’t subscribed to one of the services or a listener of the podcast at minimum you’re missing out!! The amount of people who’ve gotten massive amounts of inspiration and knowledge out of it are truly staggering!

The best, most informative podcast for producing and mixing metal.

This podcast is like no other. Every episode is just a giant well of useful information for producers and mixers of any and all forms of rock and metal music. Eyal is such a cool guy, and does an amazing job at being down to earth and relatable and makes every guest seem very calm and able to talk about whatever they want in a relaxed, conversational way. I feel like I could listen to each episode multiple times and find new things to learn with each listen. 100% recommend! While you’re at it, check out URM/Nail the mix, too.

Metal Producers: This is it!

The culture and life of the hard rock/metal musician comes alive during Eyal’s podcast. Hearing from some of my favorite musicians and the producers behind them has helped me become even more immersed in my hobby. URM has been popping up for me in internet searches for the last couple years and I finally decided to take the plunge when the Will Putney: How It’s Done course came out. It came with 3 months of URM Enhanced and now I’m hooked. My understanding of musical production from tracking to proper communication has soared thanks to URM. This podcast is a great supplement to URM and I hope it sticks around for a long time!

URM Podcast

The technical side of URM is incredible and there’s as much info as you are willing to absorb. The podcast is where it shines for me though. You get a better understanding for a specific producer/engineer’s mindset and priorities rather than what knobs to turn and what gear to buy. This to me is kinda like Aang and the avatar state where he can channel the wisdom of those more wise, and use that information to forge his own path. It’s an inside look into the minds of those successfully doing what you want to be doing. That’s hard to put a price tag on if you can internalize/apply what you learn from listening in.

You need to listen if you’re interested in Audio

This isn’t just your normal audio podcast no it’s soooooo much better. You get to see behind the glass on the mentality of these people who make probably some of your favorite records and that’s well with the price of FREEEE!!!! I’d give it 10 out of 5 stars if I could

it's been great to be on the podcast...

Thank you Eyal, it was lovely to be on the podcast... hope to meet in person some day... Marc Urselli

Best Education based Music Podcast

Fantastic interviews and very informative insight

More than just Audio Engineering

URM is the best podcast, community, and knowledge source out there for aspiring musicians and audio production people to truly learn from the best in the business. The podcast often takes a philosophical turn at times, consistently covering so much more material than “what settings do you use on [Insert piece of equipment]? These guys are the best, period.

The Best, No Questions!

Nothing could beat the amount of insightful, actionable advice packed into this podcast by real world professionals. The information is honest and proven to be successful. One of the best communities in the online music scene as well. If you aren’t subscribed to one of the services or a listener of the podcast at minimum you’re missing out!!

The absolute best

You're missing out if you're an audio engineer and not listening to the wealth of information this podcast provides!

Thank You!!!!

I have been listening to this podcast for the last three and half years, and a member of URM for the last two and half years. It has changed my life and given me the chance to do something I have always wanted to do. I literally thought my chances had passed until I found this podcast. Now I have multiple sessions under my belt and have been able to work with some of the local artists I have always looked up too. It’s a great feeling of validation when they seek you out for your help and opinion. I can never thanks Eyal and the team at URM enough.

Wish I would’ve discovered 2 years ago!

WOW!!! This is the show I’ve been looking for for years. Eyal is a prime example of how being a good, real person who is passionate about what they’re doing leads to success. The show is packed with knowledge and insight from guests and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks, Eyal for keeping it real and having a great podcast. It’s been a huge motivation and door breaker for me. Cheers

More than just audio

I've learned a ton of things audio related from this podcast but what is really great is the variety of guests Eyal has. Intelligent people talking about intelligent things intelligently.

Best Audio Podcast

Not only are they the best audio production podcast they also just inspire you to be a better healthier human being. Can't say enough good things about this podcast.

Love this podcast!!

I normally do not like podcast. I’ve been apart of the community for a year now and I constantly look for these podcasts. They are the highlight of my week.

Great info from great people in the biz

These guys really want to teach you their craft . They want you to grow and succeed. I have learned a ton since I started following these guys. I really Love the "Dear Joel and Eyal"s.

Best educational Podcast.

I have been listening to urm podcast for years now and every single episode I learn a new trick or some kind of insight into the music buisness. A must listen for anyone who wants to record metal! Total and complete game changer.

Amazing Stuff!

The guys at URM are fantastic, and they’re constantly dishing out new ways to improve your mixes regardless of your skill level. Get on this!

Finally found the right audio community for me!

Before listening to this podcast was I was completely unaware where all my audio peers had went for their continued audio recording geekery from the andy sneap forum days. My chops where slipping and the only resources I found were cringy youtube channels that turned me completely off from wanting to get any better. Finally after listening to the URM podcast I had found what I have been looking for in an audio community again and it has literally jumpstarted my career into audio after years of self-doubt. I have never been happier to have URM in my life.

Informative and Insightful

The URM Podcast has rapidly become my favorite podcast to listen to. The range of topics covered spans everywhere from informative business applications to general personal quirks from some the idols I look up to in mixing and other areas of music business. Every single episode has something to offer even if I've never heard of the guest. Its enjoyable to pick through the minds of so many people that have vastly different styles and approaches to what they do best.

Best Audio Podcast

Of all the different audio oriented podcasts I’ve listened to this is easily the best one. The guests are all very next level and the topics which they discuss are relevant and delivered eloquently.

Kings of Audio

Life changing for someone who wants to make music their career and life. Inspirational, educational and entertaining all at the same time! Thanks URM for such a great podcast with unbelievable guests.

amazing podcast

Fantastic podcast with tons of invaluable information about how to make it as an audio engineer.

No better recording community on earth.

The URM podcast is the most informative audio podcast that will probably ever exist. Actionable intel that you can take in on your free time, get to the studio and apply right away. Great stories about how your favorite records were written and recorded. A who’s who of recording industry guests that nobody else could ever be able to put together. The URM team works endlessly to give the community what they want. Constantly improving the format; Getting new and interesting guests to answer the more complicated questions on a myriad of subjects (legal, marketing, management, labels, A&R, publicity) and SO much more. If you love making great music and want to level up not only your audio skills but your productivity and career: THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE PERIOD.

No bad episodes!!

The URM podcast changed my conceptions of podcasts particularly those covering audio engineering, production, and the music business. Eyal and the gang are fantastic hosts to their highly regarded and diverse guests. I listen to the URM podcast religiously often going back and relistening to past episodes as there is just so much great information packed into each one. Can’t recommend it enough! Just start at the beginning and listen to them all!

The Best Interview the Best

Great teachers interviewing some of the best in the music business. The advice from Eyal, Joel, and Joey is useful and insightful. Combine that with their fantastic and detailed interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry (not just metal either) and you have an amazing podcast. Just listening to these guys took my audio engineering game up exponentially. If you're into engineering, writing, business, or anything to do with the music industry this is where you should go.

The best podcast for audio education

URM is the best audio resource for people who are interested in rock and metal music. They’re very generous with content and their guests are extremely talented. It’s not limited to just music producers, but also managers, live sound engineers, performers, and other entrepreneurs. These guys really care about helping people find success through a career in audio. This isn’t just your typical “tips and tricks” or settings. This is career and life advice straight from people who have already achieved many of the things that most producers strive to attain.

The GOATs of audio engineering podcasts

These guys are at the top of their game in the audio engineering podcasting world. They always manage to get interesting guests, each episode has GREAT information for aspiring engineers regardless if they’re amateur or pro, and episodes never get dry when listening. I look forward to listening to new podcasts from the folks at URM all the time. A must listen for audio engineers/producers!

Best Audio Business Podcast

The URM podcast is full of amazing info! If you want to be apart of the music industry, then subscribe, these guys cut out the BS and deliver amazing life lessons, as well as business advice that you won’t get anywhere as easy as you get it here. 🤘🏼

Great listen

These podcast are great. It is good to hear others in the business. URM as a whole has helped a lot with my mixes and productions.

My ALL-TIME favorite podcast!

I have been listening to the URM podcast for nearly 2 years, and it's the only podcast I find myself checking for new episodes constantly! Every interview is pure gold for anyone interested in the music industry. They cover almost every subject/scenario in the modern music industry and have some absolutely top notch guests. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Best Audio Education and Inspiration in the Podcasting World Bar None!

In the world of Podcasting, The Unstoppable Recording Machine has no shortage of outstanding musicians and audio engineers who's inpiration and education is absolute next level stuff. Couple that with a no BS attitude in the belief that each and everyone of you/us has greatness either exploding or lying dormant waiting to get out and you have a recipe, perfectly willing to help you reach your full potential. If you are serious about life in the audio world, URM is where you NEED to be.

Best of the Best in the Music Biz!

This is the best place for true, honest, and real information about everything on the educational side of heavy rock and the music scene in general. You won’t regret this one bit!

My favorite podcast

The URM podcast has been a great source of mixed-topic music industry, recording, audio philosophy, and many other topics hugely relevant to those looking to pursue a career in the music field.

A wealth of knowledge!

For anyone looking for a career in professional audio of some sort, this is a treasure trove of information. Lots of great topics about all sorts of topics like production, mixing, and the music industry.

THEE best audio engineering Podcast

I’ve been listening to this Podcast for a few years now. I have found other audio podcasts, but I consistently come back to this one because of the interesting content and advanced subject material that they cover. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!


This is a fantastic PODCAST that’s goes into a deep dive nitty gritty of the recording, producing, and business of music. Great guests with a wealth of information to share.

Excellent podcast!

Everything these guys touch is gold. I started listening to this podcast with no formal audio training, then joined URM Academy and learned so much from their videos and tutorials. Last week I recorded my first client and nailed the first mix I sent! If you have any interest in audio check this out...you’ll be hooked on no time.

Still listening after 2 years!

This podcast is one of the best resources for anyone new or experienced in the music business. It provides a lot of insight into the industry, music production, mixing, marketing and business strategy. It's always on my regular podcast rotation

Where do I start?

This podcast is filled with valuable content and great stories. Some episodes are very technical and get into some deep topics about audio production. Some of them will motivate and inspire you. They cover everything from career advice, business management, marketing, mixing, mastering, etc. I highly recommend anyone with any desire to learn about audio to check this podcast out. You will not regret it! #nosmalltime


URM is the only place to find the bleeding edge of rock and metal producers giving you all their years of experience. The absolute best resource available for up-and-coming producers, musicians and long-time producers and engineers alike. 10/10 would bang.

Kicking myself for not getting on board sooner

One of the best podacasts around if you are a audio pro or novice. Relevant content that often goes beyond the superficial things like gear and setting- this podcast gets deep into the mindset and the intangibles that are needed for anyone in the ever evolving music or creative space.

The interviews are on point!

After listening to just the last 3 interviews that Eyal Levi has done, I find myself continuously saying, “yes, that makes sense” or “that’s exactly how I see that”. I don’t agree with everything either the guest or Eyal say, but that’s want makes it an intriguing podcast with no bullish!+. Thank you for making an honest podcast.

Industry Leaders give you the keys to the kingdom.

URM gives you everything you need to develop your skills as a producer. It’s all on the table.

Winning Podcast!!

These guys are killing it - building a great community of people who are all helping each other out to improve recording, mixing and mastering skills. Well done gents.

Nail the interview...

I went to college. It was a waste of time. I know a lot of people who went to school for audio production. They say it was a waste of time. The URM network is not a waste of time. You get exactly what college should provide- an affordable way to learn job related skills that translate directly to income- and these guys nail it.

Less cursing, please.

Great podcast, very informative. I just wished they would curse less (or no cursing at all), as I'd like to be able to listen to it in my car, when there are other people around me.

URM Rules

An amazing amount of knowledge is to be had from listening to these guys. Some of the best in the audio engineering game right now and they're great teachers as well. Thanks for all the hard work URM.

Awesome podcast

These guys have awesome guests all the time and it's rad to hear them talk not just recording but the music industry in general. Easily my top 3 fav podcasts.

Nothing has helped more than this

This is by far the most helpful resource I've found to get better at recording, mixing, and production. Since listening I've gone from recording myself in my bedroom to building my own studio and getting happy paying clients. Between this podcast and subscribing to nail the mix, I'm well on my way to having the skills needed to make a career recording bands and producing music. Check this one out!

Outstanding Resource

These guys put in loads of work to bring us quality information each episode! There is something for everybody here, and I listen to entire episodes in one sittings just because they're so engaging. There is never a shortage of lessons learned and life stories from the professionals in the industry, and these guys know how to carry a conversation. I highly recommend listening daily if you are looking to take yourself to the next level of audio engineering.

Better than audio schools

This podcast is super informative & teaches listeners how to learn about audio, which is a big deal in this world of terrible YouTube tutorials. Knowing how to critically listen & learn about audio production & the audio industry is the best way to succeed in this business.

Fire Emoji

This podcast is nothing but the abundence of information to help you become a nonsense profitable music creator, taught by nononsense profitable music creators. It's fire bro.

For any in the music industry

This podcasts are amazing for almost anyone in the music industry. I have learned a ton of valuable information and if it weren’t for these podcast I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Everything I've ever wanted to talk about with my favorite musicians and producers happens right here. Informative, fun, and enjoyable. The podcast for any music recording and production geek.


I found this podcast over a year ago and joined their academy at the enhanced level. I love these dudes and the service they are providing. They are revolutionary. Music enthusiast, be sure you subscribe and get ready to have your world rocked!!

The Best Place to Learn About Audio

The URM Podcast has been an invaluble tool for me in learning what it really takes to become a geat audio engineer! The interviews and topics are eye opening and very helpful in getting better at the mixing craft! Highly recommended for all audio engineers and musicians!

The Greatest Podcast In The History Of Pods and Casts!!!

If you're looking for and incredible wealth of knowlege on recording, mixing, mastering and life in general, it's impossible to go wrong with Eyal, Joey, and Joel. These guys know what's up and they're able to communicate and present information in an incredibly clear way. Their guests are always great too! They have the connections go get incredible musicians, engineers, and producers on the show and are always able to have relevant, engaging conversations with them. There's no better recording podcast out there!

Must Have

Even if you are a seasoned veteran in the audio industry you can benefit from this endeavor. The Nail the Mix courses are full of tips and tricks that would take 7years to figure out on your own. The greatest value to me is the networking and the exposure to new / different approaches to getting the job done quickly with a stellar sound.

Invaluable information for mixing and beyond!

To say the podcasts and information contained is an understatement. I've learned more in the last half year with Unstoppable Recording Machine than I have in the last 10 years. This is no compromise, no b.s. and no apologies. Eyal, Joel and Joey provides the best information possible, and strives to help anyone who is willing to learn to become the very best they can be. Highly recommended and incredibly thankful something like this is available to me.

Great Way To Learn

I've done the whole school route and interned at multiple studios, I've been out of the field for almost 2 years now and have recently pushed myself to get back into engineering and I'm happy I did. FInding URM and NTM was the best discovery I've made, I've been a part for over a week now and the amount of info I've learned is amazing. Now it's time to train my ears again.

Free candy without the creepy van!

So much knowledge gained by just listening. Great talks with the people in the industry. Did you hear a song ever and like it? Want insight on how the big name producers do it? It's all here. Musicians, producers, mangers, proper vocal usuage, dude it is all here. Ha, you thought Netflix was addictive. 100+ episodes.

Member for over a year

I really dig the podcasts and listening to an industry professionals knowledge on audio. I like their attitudes and how they go about being productive. There is tons of audio related knowledge as well as how to get there or how to think (mindset). Its a no BS approach that I like.

Required listening

It’s impossible to sum up just how valuable this podcast is. Eyal, Joel, Joey and all of the guests are a wealth of knowledge for any budding engineer and producer. Each episode warrants multiple listens due to the sheer amount of information spanning many subjects revolving around music writing, engineering and production. Required listening, in my very humble opinion!

Favorite audio podcast on itunes!

These dudes are awesome! They tell it how it is every time. I been listening since around last April 2016 and I have learned so much and gained so much insight! Amazing interviews as well. Highly recommended!

THE PLACE to learn about modern recording, mixing, and producing music

As a recent Berklee MP&E graduate, I found that continuing my education was tough, even with currently being an intern at a studio in Boston. Thankfully, finding this podcast has been very helpful in continuing my education while being great, funny dudes too. They have great guests on and the knowledge they give about the current trends and techniques the top producers, engineers, and mixers has been paramount to me improving in recording and mixing. If you're into audio, no matter what genre you work in, this podcast will help you improve and give you more confidence in your abilities.


Ever since I discovered this podcast I have been very inspired to keep working in Audio, thanks guys!

Best Source for Audio Education

Every podcast is loaded with tons of information on everything music. If your not learning about awesome mixing and mastering techniques, your learning about the other valuable information that goes on behind the scenes in the music industry. Along with Nail The Mix, this is the best place for audio education!

Always Be Learning!

Since listening to this podcast I've shifted from listening to music on my carrides to these podcasts and I cannot stress how much I've learned in just a few short months. Essential, fun listening for anyone interested in anything from recording processes to music business philosophies


Started listing with in the last few month and can’t stop. Already through most of the podcasts. Have learned a lot from the hosts and guests...

Just want I was looking for!

I love podcasts and really wanted one centered around audio production. This was way more than I could ever hope. I am now a proud member of the Nail The Mix and URM Enhanced academies. These guys offer an opportunity that is so unreal and there is no better way to accelerate your skills.

An Incredible Wealth of Knowledge

When I first discovered Nail The Mix and this podcast I had no idea I'd learn as much as I have and will continue to do. The guests are all people that have been in the business for years and have unique experiences and ideas to learn from. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in the music business. Topics in podcasts are not always solely focused on production though and there are often engaging and interesting stories even for people not interested in joining the music world. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with people better and more knowledgeable about the subject you're interested in. This podcast and Nail The Mix provide that opportunity to people who aren't anywhere close to being in the network to do that in their daily lives. I am incredibly grateful to all of them for doing what they can to spread their knowledge. I have wanted this exact sort of opportunity for a few years now. I only wish I had gotten involved sooner.

Life changing

I've been working with audio for the better part of the last 10 years and learned more in a these podcasts than I did in my life. This is a place where you get to see inside the minds of some of the best engineers/producers that the world has to offer.

This is where you come to learn!

I've learned more in the 9 months that i've been in contact with these guys, than the last 6 years trying on my own. If you have a question, they have an anwser...or they know someone who does.

So much good recording/audio engineering info!

These guys know how to get great sounds, are current working pros, and are helping you get to the same place they are. If you're new to audio engineering or if you've been around a while, listening to this podcast WILL make you better.


I have a degree in music industry recording arts. This podcast and nail the mix are still showing me new things everyday and help me take my productions and creativity to the next level!

The best record podcasts hands down

Can't beat this podcast! Every topic from acoustics to business gets talked about from real producers and major game changers in the music/recording business. You can't get the little golden nuggets of info packed in these episode anywhere else. No small time...

These guys are great

Joey, Eyal, and Joel bring a world of knowledge and experience to the table. Then on top of that along with their expertise they invite a number of industry professionals to help with mixing, producing, and other aspects audio today!

This is the podcast you're looking for

If you want to know what it takes to succeed in the audio production industry this is the podcast for you.

Couldn't ask for more

This is the best podcast for anyone who is interested in making a career out of music. You get to hear the struggles these dudes had to deal with on their way to success. Already saving me a lot of time by bypassing all these problems that I otherwise would of had if it wasn't for them. Eyal, Joel, and Joey are amazing producers and I'm very grateful to be learning directly from them. If you want to succeed then this podcast will give you the knowledge to do so!

I really wish I hadn’t already paid for audio school...

I wish I had this 6 years ago before I started college. I have learned more from their live mix sessions in 6 hours than I ever did in college for 6 years and over $100,000. You won’t get a better deal or better info from an educational standpoint in audio with this incredible organization. They are the nicest guys, and I consider them my friends even though I’ve just communicated with them online and have never met them in person. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a shot. I barely listen to actual music anymore because I’m always listening to these.

Great Podcast

If you are stuggling to learn the ins and outs of the modern music industry, as well as the grind of working in the audio world, this is your new podcast. Everything from EQ techniques, to how to approach people for work. The guys at URM do not understand what the phrase 'low quality material' means. Sign up now and change your career

Best Podcast around!

What can I say that hasn’t been said. These guys are absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from them and the various guests that they have brought in. The URM Podcast and Nail The Mix are truly one of a kind!

Best podcast for Audio Engineers and Songwriters

This podcast has been my life since subscribing. It's really helped me take the proper steps to improve myself as a producer. I could never thank Joey, Joel, and Eyal enough for telling it like it is in the music industry


The best.

Great podcast of›‹r any audio enthusiast or professional

The podcast is as entertaining as it is informative that features esteemed professionals in audio and music regularly.


No matter what level you are at the URM podcast is the best, most informative recording/producing podcast out there. There's always amazing guests dropping some of the industries best secrets on how to take your game to the next level. Top notch advice from top notch people! Really glad to be a part of URM and Nail the Mix!

Amazingly Informative

Between the mix critiques and guests appearances, every single podcast is PACKED full of info and stories that any audio producer/engineer could benefit from and enjoy. Get you pen and paper ready because there are loads of things to try out in the studio.

Some of the best recording and music industry advice out there

I listen to every expisode as soon as it comes out. If you're an audio engineer, producer, musician, or even tangentially related to these fields, you NEED to listen to URM.


Just, downright, incredible.