Save Yourself

Save yourself from bad audio and low standards. These guys give information and insight your audio school only wishes they had. After one year of listening to this podcast I feel like a grizzled old veteran of the recording industry. They have great guests that are real professionals in the trenches. If you don't improve from listening to this podcast then you can't be saved. You should pick something else to do with your life.

Top notch resource for up and coming producers and engineers

Can't recommend this podcast enough for anyone looking to grow as a producer and or engineer


I just want to say thank you for all of the amazing content you guys have put it. Every time I listen to the podcast I learn tons of great tips and am always super inspired to try them out on my own songs. Thanks!


so helpful, but also with some light banter. great for any level mixing engineer.

Excellent source of dietary fibre

And recording info. I'm not afraid to say that I'm in love with all these men. My wife feels this is inappropriate, but what can I do?

Phenomenal show!

Came to check it out because it was linked in a giveaway, and now I’m 4 episodes in and loving it. Been editing podcasts mostly for the last year and this is kind of a double win to listen to. Getting great music production insight while getting better ideas for structuring podcasts for work.

Dope Sick nasty

No substitute exists for this podcast, and no substitute would be able to come close to the quality and content provided here.

Good, practical advice for those beginning in the recording industry

The genres the hosts typically work with aren’t what I normally do; however, these guys have solid information that anybody new to recording as a career can definitely gain from.

Great info!!

Awesome and free information from professionals in the industry! Couldn’t get better!


A great podcast that gives great information that will help your mixes

AE Samurai

Since I started listening to this podcast and being a member of Nail the Mix, roughly four months ago, I can already see a measurable growth in my audio engineering skills. I have recommended it to every student of mine interested in honing their audio engineer skills.

This stuff is gold

I've been recording and mixing heavy music for over 15 years and these guys know what's up. No matter your experience level there's something to learn here, and they're also some of the most active, engaged, and truly helpful people in the business. \m/


Pumped to no longer be small time.


Such a helpful and informative podcast. It has helped me overcome many obstacles in the beginning stages of recording. I would recommend this to anyone.


The best podcast ever! I've learned so much about audio from Joey, Joel, and eyal. I'm thankful for what these guys do and how high they value education for their subscribers

Seriously the best thing that’s happened in music production in the last 5 years

I’ve seen lots of “tools” and “resources” in the past 5 or so years, and nothing has been able to compare to what these guys offer. This podcast is pure gold, and would recommend this to anyone even slightly interested in making music.

Amazing source of knowledge

Along with Nail The Mix, these podcasts give you an uncensored account of just about everything that goes on in todays actual music industry. Joey, Eyal, and Joel seriously together have just about all the knowledge you’d ever need to be an amazing audio engineer and they’re kind enough to share it ALL with everyone through these podcasts and URM with Nail the Mix. I’m grateful to have found them and to be a part of all of this!

Joey, Eyal, and Joel are masters at their craft

Joey, Eyal, and Joel are masters at their craft, and if you want to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the recording industry and making records sound amazing, you definitely need to check out this podcast. I have been listening to this podcast since day one, and it always has something spicy to keep my listening to the next episode. 5/5 would recommend to all of my friends even minutely interested in audio.

URM Podcast has helped my productions so much.

Seriously, subscribe to this podcast. Absorb it, learn from it, and apply it. You’ll have better productions across the board. Awesome podcast!

Good Stuff

Tons of great info if your into recording.

Quality Information

You can go to professional school, university, or teach yourself, but youtube can't teach you the content that is covered here. Very coherent and easy to grasp information.