URM Podcast

URM Podcast

Wanna level up your recording skills? You came to the right place! Join Eyal Levi as he sits down each week with the best producers in the business to talk shop. You’ll get information, inspiration and most of all actionable insights from every episode. And when you’re ready to hit the books, head over to https://urm.academy to get your learn on!

Recent Episodes

EP 369 | Jeremy Spencer and Shawn McGhee

May 19, 2022

Jeremy Spencer is a drummer, vocalist, and songwriter. He was previously in Five Finger Death Punch and now releases music as Psycho Synner. Shawn McGhee is a producer and songwriter.

EP 368 | Discord QNA with Will Yip and Eyal Levi

May 11, 2022

Will Yip is a producer, songwriter, and label owner known for his work with bands such as Code Orange, Circa Survive, Turnstile and many more. Today, he joins Eyal Levi to answer questions from the URM Discord community.

EP 367 | April MixCritMonday with Joel Wanasek and Eyal Levi

May 6, 2022

Eyal Levi and Joel Wanasek are critiquing mixes of “Drone Corpse Aviator” by Archspire.

EP 366 | Discord QNA with Jesse Cannon and Eyal Levi

April 27, 2022

Jesse Cannon is a producer, podcaster, mastering engineer, author, and music marketer who also produces podcasts for The Daily Beast.

EP 365 | Mike Plotnikoff

April 20, 2022

Mike Plotnikoff is a producer/engineer who has worked with acts such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Cher alongside producers such as Howard Benson, Mutt Lange, Bruce Fairbairn, and countless others.

EP 364 | Chris Clancy

April 13, 2022

Chris Clancy is a producer, engineer, musician, and the singer of Mutiny Within. He’s worked with Machine Head, Kataklysm, and many others.