URM Podcast

URM Podcast

Wanna level up your recoding skills? You came to the right place! Join Eyal Levi as he sits down each week with the best producers in the business to talk shop. You’ll get information, inspiration and most of all actionable insights from every episode. And when you’re ready to hit the books, head over to https://urm.academy to get your learn on!

Recent Episodes

EP 338 | Dan Swano

Sept. 22, 2021

Dan Swano is a multi-instrumentalist, as well as a mixing and mastering engineer. He’s worked with Opeth, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Aeon, Edge of Sanity, and many others.

EP 337 | Discord QNA With Buster Odeholm & Eyal Levi

Sept. 15, 2021

Buster Odeholm is a producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist who runs Odeholm Audio. He also plays guitar in Vildhjarta and Humanity’s Last Breath.

EP 336 | Nick Pilotta

Sept. 8, 2021

Nick Pilotta is the production manager and Nail the Mix producer at URM. He’s also an audio engineer and producer.

EP 335 | Neal Avron

Sept. 1, 2021

Neal Avron is a Grammy award-winning producer, mixer, and instrumentalist. He’s worked with acts such as Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and many others.

EP 334 | Anton Delost

Aug. 25, 2021

Anton Delost is a Toronto-based producer, songwriter, and mix engineer who has worked with Seaway, Silverstein, Hollow Coves, and many others.

EP 333 | Discord QNA With George Lever & Eyal Levi

Aug. 19, 2021

George Lever is a producer who has worked with bands such as Sleep Token, Loathe, and many others. He joined Eyal Levi on Discord to answer questions from the URM community.