I discovered this podcast a few months ago and my mixes have improved leaps and bounds since then. I get super excited every time there's a new episode because I know I'm going to learn something new each and every time. The a-list guests are never shy about giving away their secrets and they focus a lot on the business aspect of engineering and mixing as well. A+ podcast for sure!

Absolutely amazing

Best podcast I listen to hands down.


This podcast, alongside Nail the Mix, has greatly contributed to my groewth as an engineer over the past two years. The amount of content covered rivals some of the best recording schools out there

This is just the beginning!

This is my favorite thing to listen to. I have never heard audio covered this way, this well, ever before. The URM guys really know their stuff, and they stay current with the industry. URM Nail the Mix(a Mix competition where you can also learn a TON) is a BLAST!

Invaluable knowledge from some of the best!

If you're into metal or modern rock and punk you can learn so much from each of these podcasts. I can't believe this stuff is free so take advantage. I highly recommend signing up for their Nail the Mix site as well if you have the money and want to learn to mix some pro tracks. Just a great community they have built here all around.


Great podcast. If you're looking to learn and not be bored doing it, this is for you.

Get’s You Stoked about Recording

This podcast always inspires me to get better at recording and mixing.

Amazing information

I'd never really listened to a podcast before, but since the first one I listened to I've been hooked. The tips and info I've gotten here is amazing and I'm always excited for a new episode!

The Real Deal

I get so excited when new podcasts come out, first thing I like to do in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. Inspiring, motivational, and REAL.

An incredible resource!

A wealth of information for any aspiring producer/mixer/engineer. I wish this was around when I started recording 15 years ago!

Cool dudes telling it how it is

This pod is great for someone getting into audio and want to learn from the vast guest list of top audio engineers, producers, mixers, and musicians. Mostly in the metal genera but that works perfect for me!

Funniest most awesome pod cast

Joel, Eyal, and Joey, Crack me up a lot on this show. It's really amazing listening in on Producers they bring on the show to talk about stuff the do to get the mixes they do, Processes on songwriting, business, or producing a record. Just a feed show to listen to while st work. 5/5 stars. Would give 10 if I could!


Amazing info and skill building as well.

Mentorship and Influence

I can honestly say this podcast has helped so much in perfecting my craft. Each week there is so much information to take away, it's like having a mentor and checking in each week to make sure your on the right path. With the special guests each week there's always something new to take away. If you are not signed up , stop what your doing and listen!


I find the podcast as an online solution to Audio Production Technical Problems and Industry Related Information. Hosted by 3 of the Worlds Best Metal Producers that have vast vision into ALL Genre's of Music and the Engineering / Production of it. They discuss everything from Digital Audio Workstations to Quantizing MIDI. They dig deep with MANY of some of the BIGGEST Metal and Music Personal. There's a bit of something for EVERYONE in here!

Every musician/producer needs this!

Cars rides, sitting at home, waiting in line. I listen to this wealth of information every time I get the chance!


Love these guys. They get to the heart of it, have fun, and don’t waste your time.

Thanks for the information!

You guys have fascinating guests and fabulous info - thanks for all the tips!


My favorite podcast! Tons of great information and nerdy audio entertainment here!


Great podcast. The guys really know their stuff. Awesome guests.

Awesome listen from some really talented guys

Great podcast, very informative and great guests! Keep up the great work.

ChaosBasement studio

Hands down the best audio engineering podcast on the planet!!! This is must hear information for any aspiring Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Recording Engineer or Music nerd!! Love it! Outstanding work Eyal, Joel And Joey

So sick

Killer information from the most respected dudes

I can't say enough good things

I am a subscriber to both Nail the Mix and URM Academy. The services they provide are perfect for anyone just starting out to seasoned veterans! As for the podcast, it's amazing. It's a breath of fresh air to have a podcast I can actually connect with. They discuss topics that I want to hear and can't get anywhere else!! It has really changed my life, I almost completely gave up on audio until I signed up for my first month of NTM. It's been helping me find my passion again. Thank you URM!

Inspiring. Makes me want get back into it.

I haven't been recording for some time. I've gotten my AA in digital audio engineering. I've been working and I know I need to get back into it. The guests they have are great and have good insight and great tips. It's great to hear what they use and how they use it. A lot of the episodes have a same saying, they don't know what they're doing and they learn and experiment. Make me feel inspired to try new things and move forward. The only thing that irritates me about the podcast is Eyal. He always brown noses and thinks the way he does things is the right way. I can just hear it in his voice. Also the flow is kinda weird at times. Very edited. But it won't stop me from listening. A+


Eyal, Joey and Joel collectively have decades of audio experience under their belt and they have so much knowledge between them. Each host has their own skill set and isn't afraid to tell it how it is. They give you the most relevant information for modern audio engineers and on top of that they seem like really nice guys and fun to listen to.

Best Source of Audio Information

I can't stress enough to anyone who is thinking about becomming an engineer to check out this podcast. While it may not even be in your realm of music, the information that these guys have to bestow on anyone who is trying to learn more about audio is well worth it!

Killer podcast!!!!

I love the URM podcast! So much great information. I am also stoked that I joined "nail the mix" and "URM enhanced" off of listening to the free podcast. If you love to hear about professional audio production this is a great way to spend your valuable time.

Best Music Production Podcast evaaaa!!

Out of the few podcasts I listen to this is by far the best, each week I'm like a little kid getting excited about Christmas. Wanting to up my game with mixing I joined the Nail The Mix crew, got Periphery stems and already started mixing. Everyone should join! Keep it up guys!

Fantastic Content

This Podcast is entertaining ,humorous, informative, and insightful. It is applicable to beginners and experienced producers, engineers, and musicians alike. It's beneficial whether you work with heavy music or not. The interviews are fantastic, and so many times, I take away invaluable "gems" of wisdom from these guys. Their experiences yield great stories and examples from with to learn. I can confidently say this is my favorite recoding podcast.