So much good recording/audio engineering info!

These guys know how to get great sounds, are current working pros, and are helping you get to the same place they are. If you're new to audio engineering or if you've been around a while, listening to this podcast WILL make you better.


I have a degree in music industry recording arts. This podcast and nail the mix are still showing me new things everyday and help me take my productions and creativity to the next level!

The best record podcasts hands down

Can't beat this podcast! Every topic from acoustics to business gets talked about from real producers and major game changers in the music/recording business. You can't get the little golden nuggets of info packed in these episode anywhere else. No small time...

These guys are great

Joey, Eyal, and Joel bring a world of knowledge and experience to the table. Then on top of that along with their expertise they invite a number of industry professionals to help with mixing, producing, and other aspects audio today!

This is the podcast you're looking for

If you want to know what it takes to succeed in the audio production industry this is the podcast for you.

Couldn't ask for more

This is the best podcast for anyone who is interested in making a career out of music. You get to hear the struggles these dudes had to deal with on their way to success. Already saving me a lot of time by bypassing all these problems that I otherwise would of had if it wasn't for them. Eyal, Joel, and Joey are amazing producers and I'm very grateful to be learning directly from them. If you want to succeed then this podcast will give you the knowledge to do so!

I really wish I hadn’t already paid for audio school...

I wish I had this 6 years ago before I started college. I have learned more from their live mix sessions in 6 hours than I ever did in college for 6 years and over $100,000. You won’t get a better deal or better info from an educational standpoint in audio with this incredible organization. They are the nicest guys, and I consider them my friends even though I’ve just communicated with them online and have never met them in person. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a shot. I barely listen to actual music anymore because I’m always listening to these.

Great Podcast

If you are stuggling to learn the ins and outs of the modern music industry, as well as the grind of working in the audio world, this is your new podcast. Everything from EQ techniques, to how to approach people for work. The guys at URM do not understand what the phrase 'low quality material' means. Sign up now and change your career

Best Podcast around!

What can I say that hasn’t been said. These guys are absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from them and the various guests that they have brought in. The URM Podcast and Nail The Mix are truly one of a kind!

Best podcast for Audio Engineers and Songwriters

This podcast has been my life since subscribing. It's really helped me take the proper steps to improve myself as a producer. I could never thank Joey, Joel, and Eyal enough for telling it like it is in the music industry


The best.

Great podcast of›‹r any audio enthusiast or professional

The podcast is as entertaining as it is informative that features esteemed professionals in audio and music regularly.


No matter what level you are at the URM podcast is the best, most informative recording/producing podcast out there. There's always amazing guests dropping some of the industries best secrets on how to take your game to the next level. Top notch advice from top notch people! Really glad to be a part of URM and Nail the Mix!

Amazingly Informative

Between the mix critiques and guests appearances, every single podcast is PACKED full of info and stories that any audio producer/engineer could benefit from and enjoy. Get you pen and paper ready because there are loads of things to try out in the studio.

Some of the best recording and music industry advice out there

I listen to every expisode as soon as it comes out. If you're an audio engineer, producer, musician, or even tangentially related to these fields, you NEED to listen to URM.


Just, downright, incredible.

Its great!

i have learned a tremendous amount in a short time and feel i am improving all the time as a result of the information in URM. its awesome.

Best Podcast Ever

if you dig recording and mixing and want to get better, start here.

The best podcast in the game!

The amount of knowledge in this podcast is unprecedented. You'd be a fool to not listen to it!

Fantastic Podcast!

If you're into music production, this podcast is very informative, inspirational, and entertaining. There is a wide variety of episodes and guests. Definitely recommended!!

Incredible Tool for Audio Engineering

These guys have pulled out all the stops in URM. These podcasts are full of incredible information for ANYONE who actually wants to take their audio career seriously. Whether you're a pro or amateur this podcast is worth checking out. They bring on awesome guests, answer questions, tackle frequently asked topics, and it can be quite funny at times! Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Great info

If you want to step up your producing and mixing game, you need to be listening to these podcasts.


I love what these guys are doing, each episode has a ton of value, as well as entertaining banter.

I binged on every episode when I found this podcast

This is the most informative podcast you'll come across for anything related to mixing and business for radio rock, pop punk and metal. To get the full experience you should join nail the mix. There's' more podcasts in the program, and you will learn multiple things with each month. Easily the best $20 I spend each month. I can hear genuine improvements in my mixing and it's all thanks to Eyal, Joel, and Joey

Fantastic Podcast

Been listening to this podcast since it first launched and it has kicked my drive to get better at all things audio into high gear. These guys are really knowledgeable and also very inspiring. The episodes are a joy to listen and can also be quite funny at times too. One of my favorite podcasts.

URM Rocks!

This Podcast is my #1 favorite of all time. Joey, Joel, and Eyal are full of great technical knowledge, mixing concepts, career advice, and songwriting inspiration. They also have great guests that always have something interesting and enlightening to say.

This is my review, I urge you to read it.

If you're not listening to this then you're doing it wrong. The fact that you can get all of this information and learn all of the secret sauces of the top dogs in the business for free is just too insane to pass up. Don't sleep at night regretting having not listened to this, because I promise you, it will make sleep easier knowing you did the right thing.

Mind = Blown

I listen to this podcast every day on the way to work. The knowledge this has given me is priceless. I highly recommend anyone that wants a career in audio to check this out!

Insanely valuable information

Listening to this podcast has not only made me a better producer, but has also prepared me for many situations that I'll likely encounter in the future. Joel, Joey, and EYALLLLLL LEVI are very interesting and keep things light and funny but deliver the message you need to hear. 5/5


I discovered this podcast a few months ago and my mixes have improved leaps and bounds since then. I get super excited every time there's a new episode because I know I'm going to learn something new each and every time. The a-list guests are never shy about giving away their secrets and they focus a lot on the business aspect of engineering and mixing as well. A+ podcast for sure!