May 16, 2016

EP11 | #MasteringCritMonday w/ Maor Appelbaum

EP11 | #MasteringCritMonday w/ Maor Appelbaum

Level up your recording skills with acclaimed producers Joey Sturgis, Eyal Levi, and Joel Wanasek each week as they talk shop with the best producers in the business. You’ll get Information, inspiration, and actionable insights in every episode.

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Welcome to #MasteringCritMonday, the show where we critique YOUR mastering. Prolific mastering engineer, Maor Appelbaum stopped by to help us critique some listener submitted mastering work. In this episode you’ll learn about: Nice and loud vs fatiguing to listen to What to submit to a mastering engineer Adding low end without destroying the track When to apply a heavy handed mastering ...

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