April 15, 2015

EP 7 | #Mixcritmonday with Caleb Rodriguez

EP 7 | #Mixcritmonday with Caleb Rodriguez

Welcome to MixCritMonday, the show where we critique YOUR mixes.

Welcome to MixCritMonday, the show where we critique YOUR mixes.

In the hotseat this month is Caleb Rodriguez.

Caleb submitted a metalcore mix for us to crit and after a little investigation we figured out that he was making two major mistakes:

  1. He used little to no reference material
  2. His source tracks were not ready for mixing, yet he didn't fix them

We also discovered that his mixing environment was an acoustical mess and that he was compensating by mixing in headphones, a big no no. Considering he wasn't even using reference material to get his bearings, Caleb was basically his own worst enemy on this mix.

The combination of unedited, poorly performed tracks with an unreliable listening space placed a glass ceiling on how good his mix could actually get.

 In this episode you'll learn about:

  • Acoustical room treatments for under $200
  • How to properly use reference mixes
  • Steps to take if you mixing environment is sub par
  • Which little details make a huge difference in a guitar tone
  • Replacing an out of tune bass with a synth bass
  • Mid range buildups that can make a mix hard to listen to

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