March 10, 2023

EP 387 | Kurt Ballou and Sammy Duet

EP 387 | Kurt Ballou and Sammy Duet

Sammy Duet is the legendary guitarist of Goatwhore who is also known for his other bands; Crowbar and Acid Bath. Kurt Ballou is also a legendary musician, Grammy winning producer, URM vet, and business owner known for his band Converge, his pedal and instrument company God City Instruments, and his countless productions for bands such as Nails and High On Fire among many others. 

On this episode:

  • What can go wrong when you use a mastering engineer
  • Working with the legendary Ted Jensen
  • The old school way of thinking doesn’t work for bands anymore
  • How Kurt and Goatwhore worked together on the “Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven” mix
  • How Sammy gets his killer guitar tone
  • What Kurt thinks of the Line 6 Helix

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