March 11, 2015

EP 2 | Musical Translator

EP 2 | Musical Translator

What's a producer's real job?

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"You're translating what people say into what they want."- Joey Sturgis

What's a producer's real job?

  • Engineer?
  • Coach?
  • Fearless leader?
  • Psychiatrist?
  • Band member?
  • Chaperone?
  • Friend?
  • Arranger?
  • Songwriter?
  • Session musician?

Actually, it's all the above.

You must become a musical translator.

"They aren't the ones who are the expert. You're the expert, they are the client. They just don't know how to say it in your terms. They will never say, 'adjust it to a 4 to 1 ratio." - Eyal Levi

"If they could translate it to you they wouldn't be hiring you. It's your job is to convert their language into technical shit."- Joey Sturgis


  • How to become a musical translator and interpret your client's vision
  • What a client really wants and needs
  • How to properly pace a session for maximum results and creativity
  • How to read a client's personality and mood
  • Who the best musicians are in the band
  • Who he's actually working for
  • Dealing with real world nightmare scenarios like a singer blowing out their voice
  • The importance of remaining in "the zone"
  • The psychology of peak performance
  • How to get takes the artists didn't realize they had in them

Think you've got what it takes to be a great producer?