June 10, 2015

EP 14 | Clutch Drum Editing w John Douglass

EP 14 | Clutch Drum Editing w John Douglass

John Douglass shares how he mastered drum editing and quit his day job.

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John Douglass shares how he mastered drum editing and quit his day job.

What are the #1 and #2 skills and traits that will get and keep your employment as an audio engineer?

1 - You must be reliable

2 - You must be an amazing editor

John Douglass has worked his way up from being a kid with a laptop in a bedroom to working with some of the biggest artists in pop and metal. And he did it by becoming the best at crucial things that nobody else wants to do, like drum editing. If you want to up your drum editing game and turn audio into a full-time career, this episode is for you.

John Douglass is an accomplished engineer/mixer/producer, having packed an impressive number and variety of credits into his five years as an audio professional. In the studio, he has worked with metal artists such as Battlecross, Cryptopsy, The Contortionist, Assassins, and Hypno5e in addition to pop artists such as Katy Perry, Nelly, TI, and Rick Ross.

In addition to being an amazing engineer, he has also been an editor for Eyal Levi, Joey Sturgis, Will Putney, Andrew Wade, Jason Suecof, and Mark Lewis. He is an encyclopedia of engineering knowledge and a ninja of workflow.

In this episode you will learn about:

- Drum editing

- Finding and keeping work as an audio engineer

- Locking phase during edits

- Using Quick Keys and batch commands for an efficient workflow

- Transient alignment


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